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Holiday in Ukraine

Let me begin by stating that I am not a tour company but an Englishman who first arrived to Ukraine many years ago and relocated from England to live in Southern Ukraine in 2002.

This site came about as a result of another two Internet sites I have relating to Ukraine and from these two sites plus other sources I was receiving numerous requests for assistance, help , advice , etc regarding hotels , apartments , places to visit , etc in Ukraine.

I myself have traveled  extensively throughout Ukraine, including a wonderful month's  excursion around Ukraine a few years ago, where I traveled only using 'local buses'. As a result, I found and seen some wonderful places that are not on the 'normal tourist route'. I experienced and ' savored the flavor' of the real Ukraine.

Please understand I am not a sales person who is trying to sell you a typical travel package. Since I am an Englishman who first arrived to Ukraine in 1993 after watching a program on television about Kiev and I have lived here since 2002 after “taking” my money from the “private' pensions I had contributed into in the UK.

I have spent many years traveling and experiencing this beautiful country and have created Holiday in Ukraine to allow you to plan the best Ukraine trip possible which in turn means that all information presented here is based on my personal " lived, seen, and traveled experiences."

 I am more than happy to arrange a Personal Tour to Ukraine tailored to your requirements. Be it a few days horse riding in Ukraine followed by some relaxation by the sea or a visit to a specific City in Ukraine and of course It will be when it is convenient for you.

I am here to help you on anything Ukrainian, so please do contact me

Holiday In Ukraine is a Member of ' Union of Rural Green Tourism in Ukraine '

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