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Holiday in Ukraine

The Azov Sea 

The Azov Sea is the most shallow sea in the world with a maximum depth of about 15 meters. and its beaches are usually flatter and smoother than everywhere else.  It is these conditions that contribute to the fact that the sea water warms up quickly and with the climate being good, during the summer it will be 32 degrees.

But because of the dry warm summer, sandy beaches and wonderful water temperatures, the Azov coast is important for its holiday resorts. Notable resorts are Primorsk, Berdyansk, Kirillovka Genichesk  and Sedov.

In my opinion as an Englishman living in Ukraine and only an hour away  from Kirillovka , some of the resorts are as 'stepping back in time', I am reminded of my childhood living on the coast in Southern England  when the 'trips to the beach' was  fun , lazy and basically an noncommercial environment.

Having said that it is wonderful place just to 'grab a lounger', lie back with the occasional beer and forget about work and all the world

Accommodation varies from hotels to small Ukrainian self catering  'guest houses' and the prices varies accordingly. I have already stated on this site about the uniqueness of Ukraine and I would recommend staying in one of these 'Ukrainian self catering guest houses', yes  a) they are basically accommodation in a room with beds, a small wardrobe, table and a few other things. b) the showering and shaving is done in the 'yard' and c) there is one kitchen for all. But again on saying all this, they are cheap, many will 'eat out' during the day and the evening , however on the plus side -  to sit in the morning within the the 'court yard' with your fellow holidaymakers having some breakfast in temperatures of plus 25c is wonderful fun , I have done this 'many a time' and can highly recommend it and it is another good way to 'saviour the flavour' of Ukraine!