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berdyanskBerdyansk (also spelled Berdianysk) is located in the Zaporozhye Oblast ( Region ) ofUkraine and is a well-known Ukrainian resort, situated on the the northern part of Azov Sea.

The town is named as the river Berda that formed the spit at the foot of which the city is located.

 In early 19th century the economic needs of Russian Empire required a port on Azov Sea coast and as such land was given to settlers and the settlement named Berdy was established with the first dock being constructed. In 1830 the town was renamed Novo-Nogaisk and in 1842 was again renamed and given the name Berdyansk . 

In 1855 during the Crimean war the town was almost destroyed by English-French ships who bombarded the town with cannon fire which resulted in much of the town and dock being destroyed by fire. In 1898 the town and port was reconstructed with the old wooden houses being replaced by stone ones and a new pier was constructed.

On October 7th, 1941, the town was occupied by German troops and on September 17th, 1943, it was liberated , since then September 17th is celebrated as The Day of the City Today the town is a famous holiday destination , know throughout Ukraine and Russia for its golden beaches with the temperature of sea higher than that of the Black Sea coast of the Crimea and the Caucasus. In May, the water warms to 26 C, and up to 30 C in June (3-5 degrees higher than in Yalta)

 The towns main attractions apart from the beach and sea are

Water Park “Cape of Good Hope”.Opened in 2006 , It is one of the largest water parks in Ukraine complete with cafe ,restaurant and Turkish style arbors. In the evening the water park offers entertainment with DJs and stars of show business.

Berdyansk Spit. The pearl of the town which is a 17-kilometer strip of land, stretching out to sea. Throughout there are quite clean beaches and numerous small resorts.

Berdyansk lighthouse (architectural monument). The lighthouse was opened in 1838. One of the oldest buildings in the Town ansd has hardly changed in appearance for one and a half centuries. The lighthouse is located at the tip of Berdyansk Spit.

The Seafront and Central Avenue. Original sculptures like “The Bull Breadwinner”, “The Plumber” (a man sticking out of the hatch), “The Armchair of Wishes” can be found there.

 Dalnyaya (Distant) Spit. A protected area with lakes, beaches, lots of nesting birds. 

 The park of P.P. Schmidt is located in the center of the city with a total area is about 3.5 hectares.

The Museum of local lore. “The history and nature of the region from the period of antiquity to the present day”, Here you find “The interior of Ukrainian village house of the 19th century”. The museum can be found on Pobeda Ave and is open daily except Friday from 9.00 to 17.00.

The Art Museum of I.I. Brodsky. One of the oldest museums in Ukraine. The museum has an unique and diverse collection of works of art from the second half of the 19th century to the present. This museum is located on Karl Marx Str. 

In my opinion this is one of the best places to rest in the Sea of Azov area and lot of visitors to the city are fond of walking along the seafronts, the quiet streets of the coastal areas or the central avenues and squares.

Berdyansk is easily reached from Mariupol , Zaporozhye and Melitopol

Please note that recently a train service from Kiev to Berdyansk has been introduced only for the 'Summer Season'.  The  downside to this is the timing of the departure from Kiev,  which is about 17:30 . So depending on your flight arrival time , you may or may not have time to 'catch this train' .  The other (maybe ) problem is there is only 2 types of carriages on this train, 2nd class, (coupe), sleeper and Platskartny" (3rd class). For more about train travel in Ukraine please 'click here' . However as I live in Melitopol which is 120 Km ( 75 miles ) from Berdyansk if you are requiring help , assistance or advice please contact me