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Holiday in Ukraine

Dzharylhach Island

If you want to see the largest uninhabited island in Central Europe and and visit the place of a legend - be sure to visit Dzharylgach for this this is where Hercules drove his herd of horses to rest after their heroic deeds.

It was here also on this island after the death of Troy that Odysseus moored his ships - came upon a one-eyed Cyclops-eater and then miraculously escaped (which paved the way for the story that the tribes of the Black Sea became known as eyed arymaspy, ) 

A small thin spit of shells that separates the lagoon from the sea is called  ' Achilles Running'  so named as legend has it ' where and when Artemis sprinkled sand before the feet of the Virgin and thusAchilles fled by jumping into the sea'.

Dzharylhach Island is situated near Kherson -Once on the island, you’ll find an immense sandy beach surrounding by the boundless sea. Here you can enjoy bathing in the warm sea,  take healing mud baths, the dolphins will make advances to you, shrimps, crabs and mussels will come into your hands as you are swimming in the sea.  On Dzharylhach Island you can watch and see the migration of hundreds of birds. You can meet wild horses, deers, fallow deers, moufflons, wild boars, hares and foxes!

On Dzharylhach Island will find a place to rest where time is no power over you