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Holiday in Ukraine

Fishing In Ukraine

Fishing enthusiasts try your luck in the Carpathian Mountains on the tributaries of the Cheremosh River (Chorny and Bily Cheremosh) for here and in . In most of its streams and rivers you can catch trout, barbel and Danube salmon (huchen).

.The best time of year to fish is the end of May. The end of August is good as well. The weight of the biggest trout that has ever been pulled out of the Cheremosh catchment is 2 kg and barbel being 5 kg. 

All tours are private and to your requirements and if you want you’ll be the only participant.with you deciding the duration of the fishing.

It is possible to stay in both tents and private houses. The conditions are pretty basic but you can always count on warm food and clean bed (or sleeping bag).

 The fish you catch can be cooked on spot. The best local food and drinks are up to your service. As the fishing occurs mainly at the territory of the National Carpathian Nature Park. So it’s also a great opportunity to see wild animals: deer, wild boar, elk, ermine and rarely bear of wolf.