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Holiday in Ukraine

Flights to Ukraine

For your convenience Holiday in Ukraine has formed partnerships with two of the worlds leading 'on-line' airplane ticket providers! Making it easy to 'check'  for a flight to Ukraine and make that 'booking' from here

There are 2 airports in Kiev, Borispil (alternative spellings include Boryspil and Borispol) and Zhulyany Airport! Borispol is the 'main' International airport with Zhulyany being the 'main' airport for internal flights however there are one or two International flights that arrive to Zhulyany Airport which is only 8km from Kiev's city centre.

Just Click On The ' Banner' below for Ukraine International Airways Flights

Here you can contact to their Contact Center (toll free) via your computer

 Or Search For Alterantive Flights and Airlines

We hope that your flight was comfortable, Your luggage has been claimed, passport control and customs have been passed and now you are ready to travel into Kiev which is approximately 35 km from the airport.  You have an uneasy problem to solve, don't you? You need to get to your destination in Kiev: a hotel, an apartment, a train or a bus station, which makes it difficult to do in an unfamiliar city without knowing the language.

You also have been travelling for many hours and are tired, you want a shower, you want a 'beer' to 'unwind! You could always use public transportation as an option (buses run to Kiev from the airport) but we think that this journey, especially with your luggage could be 'pain in the rear'! 

Use the service of our taxi transfer from the airport to any place in Kiev at a fixed price of 35$! As you exit the 'arrivals' and walk into the main waiting area of the airport. the driver will be holding a 'board' in his hands with your name on it.

He will also help you to take your luggage to the car and safely take you to your destination in Kiev with comfort. Very convenient, isn't it? No problem with transportation in an unfamiliar city