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Holiday in Ukraine

Horse Riding in Ukraine

There are few places left in the World untouched by tourism, When we Travel we follow the Footprints of many WHO have PASSED the Same way, Although, of course, everyone's Experience of New places is different.

Do Something Different With Your Holiday time! Enjoy horse riding with experienced, English speaking, instructors in the stunning scenery of the Carpathian Mountains. 

 Leave the beaten track behind and experience a Ukraine rarely seen by foreigners. Spend some time living the life of the Hutsuls - an ethno-cultural group of Ukrainian highlanders and ride these sure footed mountain horses.

The nature of the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains and riverbanks are ideally suited for riding holidays. Travelling by developed routes tourists become acquainted with different districts, way of life and culture of local people that hasn't changed much over the last three hundred years.

In many mountain districts you may ride as much and as often as you want or take it at a more leisurely pace. In some areas you will be offered a special hutsul breed of horse - "Hutsulyk", the kind natured, quiet and friendly horse. With its strong constitution it is considered to be one of the best mountain breeds. This horse is respected for its firmness of foot and capability for carrying of heavy load through mountain valleys. The Hutsul horse breed can be referred to as the ancient one, because the first mentions about it date back to 1603. In a history there are facts that these horses were purchased for the Austrian army. Hungary and the principality of Luxembourg only bought the best horses for breeding and the Ukrainian Hutsul very much fell into this category. The local people very much appreciate the mountain horse, praising it in their songs and in their legends. can arrange a truly memorable Ukrainian horse riding holiday in the Carpathian Mountains. Our horse riding holidays are suitable for all abilities from complete beginners to experienced riders and take in some of the most stunning scenery in Ukraine as we ride up into the hills of the Carpathian national park and across the meadows and vineyards of Verkhovyna county. Horse riding here is simply stunning, with a ride anywhere policy you will be amazed at the amount of land available to ride on, ride for hours without seeing a road or a car! Ukrainian’s countryside is a patchwork of fields, meadows and forests all linked by forest trails and dirt tracks that are there for all to use, with no fences or gates to navigate. Our horse riding holidays are the perfect way to relax, have fun and experience the real Ukraine!

Holiday in Ukraine can arrange anything from a few hours to a week horse riding not only in the Carpathian Mountains. but in many Cities in Ukraine so contact us.