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Holiday in Ukraine


Kharkov also referred to as Harkiv, Charkow, Harkow, and Kharkov is a town of great traditions, a town with remarkable destiny (and during certain periods a tragic one), a town that is proud for its past, in fact the city was the first capital of the country. It is still referred to as such by its habitats who are proud of their city.

The character and mindset of the town was made during the period between 1917 - 1934 when the town was the capital of Soviet Ukraine. 

Kharkov is the second most populous city in Ukraine, one of the eight most populated cities in Eastern Europe. The city was the third largest industrial, scientific and transport center of the Soviet Union after Moscow and Leningrad.

 The lives of many well known writers, artists and actors, thinkers Vernadsky and Scovoroda are connected with Kharkov.  In Kharkov you will find majestic cathedrals, small churches, a philharmonic hall, exquisite old buildings of different architectural styles, outstanding theaters, libraries, and a number of historical museums, as well as a circus.

Among the sights of Kharkov there is the Kharkov Historical Museum, the Kharkiv Art Museum, Gorky Park, Shevchenko Park, the 17th century Pokrovsky Cathedral, the Blagoveschensky Cathedral (1771), and the 18th-century Uspensky Cathedral including their Bell Tower built to celebrate Napoleon's defeat in 1812. Kharkov is embellished with more than 100 open parks.

Kharkov contains many different pubic transportation facilities including Buses, Kharkov Metro, trolleybuses, tramways, taxis, and marshrutka (small local buses)