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Kherson is a significant city in Southern Ukraine, it is a city of two ports, a River and Sea port, but is has many parks and is one of the greenest cities in Ukraine!

The City and the region is a place of wide diversity, full of the 'normal' Soviet monuments yet striving to be a 'modern; city, it is also rich in religious sites and many are worth seeing such as the Greek-Sophian Church, Synagogue Habad, Savior Cathedral and bell tower, St. Ekaterina Cathedral, which was founded by the General field Marshal Grigory Potyomkin (he was buried in the cathedral. The region offers a fascinating variety of 'natural landscape' and are worth visiting.

Take a walk down Suvorova Street just to see the beautiful old buildings. The house of Nadezhda Durova is beautiful and interesting and is one of the oldest buildings in Kherson. Nadezhda Durova was an authoress and the first woman officer in the Russian Army. At the age of 23 wearing man's clothes she recruited into the Russian Army Horse Regiment and she was promoted to an officer for bravery during the war against Napoleon in 1807 by Alexander 1.

If you are attracted by secrets and treasures of the ancient world – you must attend the Scythian Burrows near Kherson. Here, in this very place the Scythian Tsars were brought for burial – these places where considered to be the most revered.

When you walk up on one of the barrows you can enjoy unusual beauty, a quiet river, a forest and a thousand-year history by the magical way they all blend together, And also in the Kherson region you can see stone statues with crossed arms – they are called “stone images”. It was believed that the soul of ancestors lived in these statues, from which their mystical power depended the harvest and the welfare of their living relatives

If you want to go to the largest desert island in Central Europe, and feel in harmony with nature, you should visit Dzharylhach Island. On this island herds of wild horses run around, there is a thinshelly “plate”, separating a lagoon from the sea. Once on the island, you’ll find an immense sandy beach surrounding by the boundless sea. Here you can enjoy bathing in the warm sea, take healing mud baths, the dolphins will make advances to you, shrimps, crabs and mussels will come into your hands as you are swimming in the sea. On Dzharylhach Island you can watch and see the migration of hundreds of birds. You can meet wild horses, deers, fallow deers, moufflons, wild boars, hares and foxes!

Kherson Ukraine – is the only place, where you  can allow yourself the thing which is impossible for any other European country – a walk in a desert. As there is the only desert in Europe here in the Kherson Region! A huge territory of more than 2 thousand sq. km is waiting for you The European “Sahara” - the Oleshkovsky Sand.

Take a horse ride, a-safari bike or a motto tour! See the world of untouched nature, theinfinite sand dunes, the rapid descents and ascents, the virtual absence of vegetation and the incredible heat. The scorching sand is playing and sparkling, under the burning sun and self-coloured cloudless sky, among the unmoving landscape of hills, you will feel the hypnotic influence of the desert, which will absorb your thoughts and emotions with its overall silence. And when you are touching the hot sand with your feet (the temperature reaches up to 75C or 167F), dreaming mirages, you will be ready to give up - the desert will present to you a real oasis, which will cover you with a dense shade of a pine grove, and cool you with cold water from a lake.

You can take a walk in one of the biggest forest plantations in the world, luxuriate in the sky-blue sea, take a plunge into the salty lake and there are numerous nature parks all within easy reach! I told you Kherson and the region is a place of wide diversity …