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Holiday in Ukraine


Lviv, Lwow, Lvov, Lemberg, Leopolis... a city of many names! Don't expect the pristine perfection of Prague, and the millions of tourists! What you can expect is a dash of magic, as this town can hold its own with the most beautiful 

This dreamy metropolis has been both the capital of Habsburg Galicia, and a key city in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Today it's Ukraine's second city. The people are full of spirit, there's a banquet for culture vultures and the architecture can hardly fail to impress you. It has been said that Lviv was created for poets, artists, musicians, tourists and admirers of the beautiful architecture, for the city itself is like a legend, like a song!

This is a city of time-honored history, architectural monuments and archaeological relics,versatile culture, art, well-developed science, education, sports, industry, as well as a city of open and industrious people. Architectural monuments of Lviv, their peculiar beauty are not only special in their art, but also within the art world. This intertwining of eastern, western cultures and Ukrainian folk art, the artistic ensemble testifying to the high and noble soul of the nation, exquisiteness of its tastes and customs.

The unique character of the city stays in congruence with variety of cultural traditions. The town is full of old churches of different styles, time periods, and religious doctrine The Armenian Cathedral is a place that enchants travelers of all religions. Relatively small in stature, it was modeled on the Cathedral at Ani, capital of the conquered Armenian lands. Armenians had settled in here since the fourteenth century, and the Cathedal was founded in 1363. Among the most extraordinary features are the cupola mosaics (1908) of Jozef Mehoffer, a Polish member of Austria's Secession fraternity.

Although the Armenians were largely assimilated into the Polish community, the Cathedral maintained its congregation until 1939. The building was "board up" and closed by the Soviets, and only finally reopened in 1992 in tandem with the visit of Pope John Paul II. Now back in the hands of the Armenian Catholic Church, the Cathedral is a true treasure.

The towns dazzling opera house was founded in 1897 and it can seat as many as a thousand people. The Counts and Countesses have departed but the grandeur of this place still makes a powerful impact. And even if you're not 'bowled' over by the performance, the tickets certainly won't break the bank so you're unlikely to kick yourself for having made the effort. Make sure you have a walk around the Hall of Mirrors upstairs.

As is often the case in Ukraine, travel advertising tends to paint the city as a "tourist Mecca." Agreed, the City is probably the best-developed tourist center in Ukraine, with a sizable historic center and decent tourism infrastructure (at the very least local residents are used to seeing groups of foreign tourists all the time).

Few other Ukrainian towns are so ideally suited to walking and relaxing. A few hours spent in the old town is more than enough to make you forget about any of life's shortcomings and not to forget to mention the people themselves — friendly, open and polite to strangers (which is not always typical of Ukraine).

Finally in conclusion “Lviv is well worth a visit"