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Holiday in Ukraine


MelitopolMelitopol ( Мелітополь, Мелитополь) is a town in the Zaporizhia Oblast of southeastern Ukraine. The towns name comes from Greek Μέλι (meli) - "honey") It is only small with an estimated population around 158,700. 

Melitopol has few attractions or noteworthy tourist sights to draw visitors and it is manly a transit town for 'tourists' en-route to Crimea and/or the Azov Sea which is only about 55Kms away.

 The first record of this area refers to 1524 and that time it was not inhabited. But the Tatars pastured their horse in the river Molochnaya valley.

This area was inhabited during the Russian-Turkish war of 1768-1774. In 1783, the Crimea and its northern surroundings were joined to Russia. Peasants, former soldiers from all over the Russian Empire as well as Zaporozhye Cossacks moved to the area.

 The first settlers inhabited the territory in 1795-1796. Their houses were the start of the settlement Novoaleksandrovka. In 1814, the settlement had an important marker of a large settlement - Alexandrovskaya church. 2 years later the total population of the settlement was 200.

 The town is famous throughout Eastern Europe for its “Sweet Cherries” , mention Melitopol to anyone and they will all respond with “Sweet Cherries”! They do not know anything else about the place but the all know about this wonderful tasting fruit.

 During the summer and 'public holidays' most of the locals flock to Gorky Park, which was constructed in 1927.

The fountains on Victory Square have just been “totaly' rebuilt and are quite impressive! 

The Park of Immortal Glory , built in honor of those who did not return home from the Great Patriotic War (WW11) is for a small town, also impressive! Situated at the entrance is an oldRussian tank and the 'locals' speak that this was the 'site' of the first Soviet tank to arrive and try to stop the Nazi invasion of the town

The Stone Grave ( Kamyana mohyla ) 12 kilometers north of the town. The "Stone Grave" or "Rocky Mound" is the most famous attraction in the entire region. This natural rock formation was formed millions of years ago, creating what appeared to be one enormous "stone grave."  Later, early humans used the mound as a religious site, sacrificing animals on one of the central stones. 

Today, visitors are free to climb all over the mound, like an enormous stone jungle-jim. You can crawl through sandy caves underneath or picnic in the scenic grassy fields around it. Be sure to ask someone where the cave paintings are. They're hidden in little crannies and caves and can be rather hard to find, but, because these "paintings" were actually carved into the rocks themselves, are still very impressively well-preserved.

 Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. The cathedral was built in 1815-1831. Since the city was then called Novoaleksandrovka, it was decided to name the church in honor of Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky. Originally, the church was built of wood. Later, it was rebuilt in stone.

 St. Savva Monastery. The monastery is one of the newly formed Ukrainian monasteries. The construction of the monastery began in May 1995. In 2005, the construction was completed. Vorovsky Street, 45.

The Azov Sea has been known for many decades. as a place of wonderful summer vacations for the whole family and it is easy get there from Melitopol. Hotels and guest houses offer rooms in various price categories of "Economy to luxury'. But I does not matter where you stay because the sea is is always 4-10 minutes away

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