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Holiday in Ukraine

Oleshkovsky Sands

Only in Ukraine can you do what you can not do in any other European country - a walk in the desert. Yes a walk in the desert , Ukraine has the only desert in Europe!

 Over 2000sq km of a wonderful world of unspoilt nature, endless sand dunes, steep descents and ascents bends, lack of vegetation and incredible heat. 

Under the scorching sun, plain-cloudless sky, among the frozen landscape of hills you will find yourself under the hypnotic influence of the desert which, with is its comprehensive silence it will engulf your thoughts and emotions And when you're touching the hot sand underfoot (The local temperature reaches 75 degrees), a dreamy mirage, ready to surrender - the desert will give you an appointment with a real oasis that will cover you with the dense shade of a pine grove and cool cool water of the lake.

On the Oleshkovsky Sand which is near Kherson you can go horse riding , go on safari on a bike, car or with a tour.

But it does not end there, for coming out of the desert you can walk in the world's largest artificial forest, bask on the sandy shores of the coast, dip in salt lake whose healing properties are not inferior to the "Dead Sea") and visit Europe's largest uninhabited island where herds of wild horses roam