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Holiday in Ukraine



The town of Primorsk is situated on the green warm coast of the Azov Sea and is home to about 14,000 residents. . For those who appreciate a quiet leisurely vacation away from the hustle and bustle, Primorsk - is just what you need -The majority of tourists are parents with young children.

PrimorskThe long wide sandy beaches and shallow warm sea make this a good place for a short visit to the Sea in Ukraine! The temperature of the sea water here is higher than the Black Sea coast of the Crimea with the water in May warming up to 26 Celsius and in June - up to 30 degrees . This is a 3 - 5 degrees higher than in Yalta, Alushta and Sudak.

Primorsk has all conditions, not only to enjoy the sun and sea, but also to get acquainted with this unique place on the southern steppes of Ukraine, where the ancient Scythians lived , visit local museums and attractions. And after a hot day you can visit a coffee bar with an excellent selection of Crimean wines, soft drinks, pastries and fruit.

Prices for apartments here are lower than in Berdyansk, There is no Railway station in the town but can be reached from Berdyansk 32 km away or from Melitopol 70 km away, by bus or taxi. But it is better and easier to travel by train to Melitopol, 

This is a place where you relax your body and soul. Here you can relax and rest - you do not need to buy evening dresses or suits. Combine all the charm of a hot summer: the sea air, a charming tan, night swimming, the noise and laughter of good company , it creates the perfect mood and wonderful summer memories.

Myself not living far from Primorsk have spent many a weekend here and can recommend if you are wanting a relaxing time. As said it is not 'bustling' with the 'younger generation' and it is a great place just to 'sit on the beach and have a few beers',  a great place to unwind and get away from it all.

As I have said,  to get to Primorsk it is better and easier to travel by train to Melitopol, and then bus or taxi. If you are requiring assistance please contact me