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Holiday in Ukraine


Pylypets - Podobovets a ski area located 12 km to the south of Volovets, which is on the Kyiv-Uzhhorod train line. From Volovets you can take local buses or a taxi to Podobovets/Pylypets (12 km).

he main piste is about 1700 m in length. It is of the red (intermediates) and black (expert) categories. The complex has the ratrack,which is used to dress the slopes. There are also pistes up to 1.8 kilometers in length  You can choose either steep or slope areas to ski/snowboard. But the main attraction of Pylypets is the off-piste skiing/snowboarding. There are wide meadows with gentle or steep slopes, forest trails, a beech forest with rare trees, steep descents through pine forest. If you hike to the top of the Hymba Mountain, you can make an excellent free ride descent to the waterfall Shypit (Whisper)

Pylypets has still an ongoing development both on and off the ski field with the potential to extend the ski area right up to 1700m. New hotels and cottages are being tastefully constructed at Pylypets from wood. For example, some cottages have been built near the top of the new ski piste, which rises to nearly 1200 m above sea level from a base of 800 m.  There are 6 T-bar and 1 chair lift in Pylypets: with the length of the piste being 700 m. It has night lights, so that you have the opportunity to prolong your skiing/snowboarding day. 

Podobovets is located a few kilometers from Pylypets. It is possible to take a local taxi to try skiing/snowboarding on both resorts. It is lesser known, so that the lifts are less busy. 

There are three T-bar lifts (1230 m, 1250 m and one for the beginners – 400 m),

- Piste # 1 – right and left sides from the lift (to the valley). The central upper section is steep descent, to the right side – powder skiing / snowboarding (usually). Further all the routes go into the small out-run, then – the steep humpy descent and again long out-run (about 300 m). This out-run is quite convenient for the beginners.

- Piste # 2 (“sport”) – on left side from the lift (if seeing the valley) along the trail right to the out-run (steep humpy descent). This piste also joins with the lower easy out-run, but it has two options with very steep descents, which lead you to the upper station of the beginner T-bar lift.

- Piste #3 – on the right side of the lift (to the valley) – powder skiing/snowboarding through the wood, futher – wide out-run across the field to the lift. 

- Piste # 4 – also on the right side from the lift (to the valley) along the “pipe” you can ski/snowboard to the lifts of Pylypets.

- Piste for the beginners (about 200 m) – gentle slope at the right sight from the main lift. It is a perfect place to learn skiing/snowboarding. This piste has night-lightening. 

- There is a road near the upper station of the main lift, which leads across the wide meadows to the Velykyi Verkh Mountain (1598 m). It will take you about 2 hours to reach the top, but the descent from it is worth trying. 

Accommodation: very reasonable prices, mainly locally owned guesthouses.

 loud bars and discos are not developed at all. So, if you are into the local authentic culture, these two villages will be your first choice! Local villagers still keep old traditions of rural Ukraine and are always eager to prepare home-made borshch, teach you how to weave carpets and show you the famous village hospitality.  If you are interested in short tours around the area, you will love a trip to Ukraine’s highest mountain lake – Synevyr, or a visit to beautiful Shypit waterfall.

 Getting there: train # 807 Lviv-Mukachevo departs Lviv at 07:01 and arrives to the village of Volovets at 10:25. From there you can take local buses or a taxi to Podobovets/Pylypets (12 km).