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Holiday in Ukraine

River Rafting in Ukraine

Picturesque nature, full-flowing clean rivers and beautiful landscapes, what else do we need for a successful rafting? Ukraine has all of these things! Rafting has become very popular nowadays, more and more people want to have more than basking in the sun from travels.

Rafting is an extreme kind of sport which means floating down mountain rivers. Mostof the mountain rivers of the  Carpathians  (Black Cheremosh, White Cheremosh, the Prut, the Stry, and Tisa River and its basin in the Transcarpathia) are accessible for tourists.

The best time to go through rivers of the Carpathians is the at the end of April and the beginning of May when the melting snow swells them with lots of water. Some of them like river Prut, the Black Cheremosh, the White Cheremosh and its small tributaries are only  accessible during those few spring days. The River Tysa and the Cheremosh are accessible for  rafting throughout the warm season – from April to October. The routes along the rivers are made for the tourists with different requirements. There are trips with various difficulty levels – from I to IV inclusive.

Such fascinating travel will leave you a lot of memories, give an opportunity to try your strength and see the wonderful Ukrainian nature.So contact me!