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Holiday in Ukraine


Picturesque and cozy Rivne, one of the oldest cities in Ukraine, could easily have been in the running for the title of the country’s most attractive place. But cruel history had other plans for the majority of is historical buildings were ruined or severely damaged during World War II.

However, fortunately some of Rivne’s historic and architectural monuments survived, and are today – the main treasures of the City.

Just like most of western Ukraine, the city had a complex past, constantly changing hands –Lithuania and Poland, kept taking it from one another.

But In the late 18th century, the Russian Empire took control of the city, and in 1939, it became a part of Soviet Ukraine. After that, it lived through the most difficult part of its history: during World War II, the Nazis made Rivne the capital of occupied Ukraine.

Several concentration camps were built on its territory, where people were exterminated on mass. Today, at the sight of the largest camp stands a Memorial to the Victims of Fascism.

The wooden Dormition Church, the city’s oldest temple and s among the few surviving buildings from World War 11 . It is known for its two story bell tower and for the so-called “chain of moral values,” to which criminals were chained in the 18th century until they publicly confessed and their sins were forgiven.

Another of Rivne’s architectural gems is the splendid Resurrection Cathedral, built on the territory of an ancient wooden church by the order of Emperor Alexander III, who himself partook in the cathedral’s construction. The marvelous St. Anthony Catholic Church, which still has the original clock on its facade, reminds the visitors of the city’s medieval history; today, the building houses the Organ Music Hall.

The Museum of Amber.  The museum was opened with the help of the local amber works. 

And of course not far from Rivne is the ‘Tunnel of Love’ ! It is said that if you and your beloved come to the Tunnel of Love and sincerely make a wish, it will come true. This might be a new romantic place  for you to discover

And its title as one of the greenest cities in Ukraine is supported by  Shevchenko Park which has it became a favorite place to relax for both locals and visitors.

 In spite of its difficult past, Rivne has managed to preserve its unique charm. You feel it while walking through its streets, admiring its buildings and watching its leisurely atmosphere from one of its quaint cafes. And should Rivne not win you over with its landmarks, it is sure to impress you with its hospitality!