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Holiday in Ukraine

Sking In Ukraine

With the gorgeous Carpathian Mountains piled up in the western corner of the country, Ukraine has got itself a great deal for ski lovers.  Famous with local tourists, Ukraine skiing spots are slowly getting to be known by distant travelers.  It’s not just the thrill of ski jumps that attracts visitors: cozy tucked away traditional villages, delicious home-made food and plenty of ancient holiday traditions add up to the charm!



If we have to choose one place that offers excellent service, great slopes and plenty of snow, Bukovel would be it.  Easily accessible by regular bus shuttles from Ivano-Frankivsk, this famous ski resort is up and coming place for ski lovers. Keep in mind that Bukovel is the most expensive of all Ukrainian ski resorts and in it's own a way it is a compound, with skiing, entertainment and accommodation located in one place. While it might be convenient for many, it is rather commercialized vacation spot and does not have the feeling of authenticity, that many smaller places have. 

         Slopes: averaging 900 m to 1370 m height

Number of lifts: 16, almost all are chair lifts
Total length: 50 km, Service quality, high Accessibility: high
Snow: available November to April, slopes are usually groomed and there are snow-making machines

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This resort is most popular with students, youth and anyone who lives in or around Lviv. It’s located merely 120 km from Lviv, and is easily accessible by public transportation.  Four mountains – Trostian, Pohar, Menchur and Politechnik – give plenty of options for skiers.  Pohar and Politechnik are favorites of beginners. Mountain Zvynets hosts ‘Zahar Berkut’ ski resort and is great for more advanced skiers. Trostian is the highest, and most of the time has good snow.


Slopes: averaging 600 m to 1232 m height
Number of lifts: 20, only some are chair lifts
Total length: 12 km  Service quality: medium  Accessibility: high
Snow: available December to March, 

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 These places are not yet ski resorts in its full sense, however, they are developing rapidly and will surprise skiers with good prices.  Three mountains (Podobovets, Pylypets and Mahura) are the base, with most services provided by private sector ( the locals.) There’s good selection of ski slopes, however, it does not have yet all the necessary machinery to maintain it. Check the weather forecast to make sure there is enough snow. Most of the slopes are not suitable for beginners. Some have 45 degrees angle!


Slopes: averaging 700 m to 1500 m height
Number of lifts: 10 Total length: 25 km
 Snow: available December to March, 

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This ski resort is the highest in Ukraine (up to 1800 m). It also has no doubt the most beautiful views. While there are not enough snow-making machines, nature fills up the need: snow appears usually around November, and stay all the way till May. Sometimes the snow cover is 5 m high! If you are beginner, then this place is not for you. The slopes are rather tough, and there is barely any entertainment available.  Ski resort is also not easily accessible, as there is no yet proper road up to it.  If you decide to try out Dragobrat, plan for a fun ride in a local pick-up truck along the bumpy mountainous road! Great experience for those, looking for something off-the-beaten track.


 Slopes: averaging 1400 m to 1800 m height

Total length: 10 km Number of lifts: 10
Service quality: medium
Snow: available November to May, t

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A popular ski resort. Its numerous visitors are attracted by its breathtaking mountain landscapes, pure air, unique Guzul character, and variety of leisure activities.   

The mountain slopes especially good for beginners, but are unlikely to impress the experienced skier

Mountain lifts in Yaremche : 1) mountain Bahrivets (T-bar lift, length – 200 m, altitude difference – 105 m, capacity – 100 people/hour, rentals and points of nutrition; 2) mountain Bahrivets (T-bar lift, length – 250 m, altitude difference – 105 m, capacity – 100 people/hour.

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Other Winter Sport Resorts In Ukraine

Krasiya, Dolyna, Beskid, Polyana, Synevir, Verkhovnya, Kosiv, Yavoriv