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Holiday in Ukraine

Skole Beskids 

The most striking and beautiful decoration expanses within Ukraine, of course, are the Carpathian Mountains.Here, among the majestic mountains and blossoming valleys concentrated delightful natural attractions, it is difficult to find analogues in the world. National Park "Skole Beskids" is one of those place

A protected area, "Skole Beskids" which is located in the Carpathian Mountains in tin the southern part of the Lviv region.. The park covers a large part of the Skole district, and some of the neighboring districts (Drohobych and Turkivsky). The total area of protected area is 35,684 hectares and was established on 1 February 1999 to protect the natural terrain  and wild life of the northeastern part of the Ukrainian Carpathians.

The Urychskim rocks, which belong to the historical and cultural reserve "Tustan" is also  part of the natural national park Skole Beskids". A Rock fortress-city that existed in the 9th and 10th Century and can be found north of the present village Urych The fortress was built on the rocks, which now dominate this area. These rocks are a prominent landmark and are of archaeological national importance. 

In addition, among the natural attractions of the park can distinguish a beautiful waterfall, which was formed on the river Kamenka. The waterfall is small, but distinguished by a special atmosphere in its surroundings and picturesque scenery.

Slightly above the waterfall is a natural monument - a unique mountain lake or Dead Crane Lake. which is widely known thanks to its healing effects of water. After a dip in the lake you can spend hours enjoying the unique views of the marsh flora.

Swamp "Zavadkivske" - an amazing place that attracts not only tourists, but also lovers of natural resources and  the environment. This is ta very good example of lowland swamps, where in pristine condition preserved plant communities, the rare  animals and birds.

Resting in the National Natural Park you get the opportunity to try water from seventeen local mineral springs.Among them are those which contain hydrogen sulfide, iron and similar water "NAFTA".

In the park is located the tract called "Tisovec", which is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Here you can spend time snowboarding, skiing ,etc The tract is located at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level, so the snow is here for a few months longer than in the lower area.

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