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Holiday in Ukraine is a Member of the 'Union of Rural Green Tourism in Ukraine

Holiday in Ukraine

Stay in Green Ukraine

Ukraine has always been a rural country.  During tough communist times it was the village communities that helped preserve local culture and traditions. For centuries the country survived because of villagers’ hard work.  Even today the most popular ‘pastime in Ukraine is going to the countryside. Ukrainians love spending time in nature and they owe it to the villages and there is no better place to experience the true Ukraine than to spend time in the heart of Ukraine – a rural home!

Rural homes offer clean and decent accommodation that can differ from most basic to the more luxurious, depending on the home location and years in service. Don’t expect the newest designs, but look forward to a cosy and traditional environment.

DELICIOUS FOOD  , Usually scrumptious, filling, plentiful, and organic. Most home owners garden and grow their own food. The absence of big industries and the heavy pollution, clean air combined with the beautiful landscape makes every bite taste particularly good. Your hosts will usually be willing to fix up a special dinner for you, or accommodate your meal requirements.  What’s more, the hostesses will try their best to impress you with their cooking skills and you will definitely leave having few gained a couple of kilograms!

No hotel can give you the opportunity to feed a goat or a cow, wake up to the sound of a rooster, pick home-grown berries and fruits or learn how to make the famous Ukrainian borscht!

Most home owners receive  training on servicing foreign visitors, but even without it, your hosts will be usually warm, welcoming, and ready to do anything for you. Only here you can experience traditional Ukrainian hospitality at its best!

But most important of all is the POSITIVE IMPACT you will have !  Your money goes directly to the grass-root community, and contributes to the people who need it most. Choose to stay at villages away from the main tourist routes, and your impact will be immense and at the same time you will be experiencing the real Ukraine, seeing some wonderful landscapes and nature! Here for Rural Guest houses in Ukraine

Please note that some of the rural homes are not available online and the best way to reach them is over the phone. Since not a lot of rural home owners speak good English let us know which area of the country you are heading to, and we’ll be glad to find you the perfect option!

It is important to 'point out' that the 'lack of good English' spoken by the rural guest home owners in Ukraine should not dissuade you not to make a reservation and see the real Ukraine as when I first arrive to Ukraine and spoke very small Ukrainian and/or Russian, many a happy hour was spent over a glass or two of wine conversing with the locals and believe me it was both fun and enjoyable. A great way to 'saviour the flavour of Ukraine'