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ukraine bus travel

Holiday in Ukraine

Ukraine bus travel

Ukraine bus travel an easy and fun way to get around the country.

Plus a great way to see the 'real Ukraine'

Buses serve every city and small town in Ukraine and some say they're best for short trips (three hours or less), as vehicles can often be small, old and overcrowded but some years ago I decided to make a months excursion around Ukraine using only buses ( with some bus journeys lasting 6 hours) and I found it was 'great fun' , a great way to see the real Ukraine as both traveling through and stopping for passengers , refreshments, toilet breaks in small towns that you would have never seen on any other mode of transport traveling through Ukraine.  

I will also add that during my one month excursion of 'getting around Ukraine by bus' I did not experience any trouble or problems , in fact the opposite as many times the 'locals pointed out' the toilet facilities and places to purchase refreshments when we stopped for a short time.

Ukraine bus travel

In Ukraine there are two luxury Intercity bus services run by big companies which provide a good alternative to trains. They both operate with modern coaches and have stewardess service . Gunsel ( and Autolux  which has have offices in all major cities in Ukraine (

Surviving Ukraine's Buses

For the some, Ukrainian bus travel can be both bemusing and uncomfortable but it is cheap, reliable and safe and as already said a great way to see the 'real Ukraine'

  •  'Bus' can mean anything from a lumbering 60-seater 1980s Hungarian coach to a luxury Mercedes minibus.
  • Buses often stop at stations for between five minutes and half an hour, giving people a chance to use the toilet and buy snacks. Make sure you know how long the break is, as drivers rarely check if everyone is back on board.
  • On-board toilets are uncommon even on luxury services.
  • Your ticket can have a seat number printed on it, but many times no and on small buses passengers generally just sit where they like (but not always!).
  • Don't sit in a seat that has something on it. This means someone else has 'reserved' it while they go shopping/visit the toilet/.
  • Luggage should be stored in the luggage space (bagazhnyk) under the bus. It's normally free to do so. But ensure your valuables ( money, passport , etc ) remains with you.

Ukraine bus travel