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Holiday in Ukraine

Ukrainian Drinks

It may come as a surprise to many as unfortunately Ukraine has a bad reputation regarding alcoholism but apart from the Ukrainian beer and Vodka there are a surprising amount of non alcoholic drinks and beverages in Ukraine which are considered to be beneficial to one's health 


KvasKvas is a popular drink in Ukraine and known since the Kievan Rus times. Made from rye bread with added various herbs, dried fruits and berries.  Kvass is a traditional summer drink that according to the 'locals' perfectly quenches  the thirst .  In all Towns and Cities you will see Kvas for sell on many street corners and is far superior to any 'bottled kvas' you can purchase in the shops , supermarkets and in many bars,


SbitenSbiten is an age-old beverage know since the time of Kievan Rus for it unusual flavor and pleasant fragrance. It bears a resemblance to grog and mulled wine; however, the sbiten differs from its European brothers in using of alcohol – the Ukrainian drink is based on water.
Sbiten is a drink made with honey, different herbs and spices, which give it peculiar taste. In the winter it is served hot but during the summer it is poured cooled as once again it is said to quench the thirst.


UzvarUzvar is a national Ukrainian drink, made with dried fruits and berries. Some individuals tend to add species such as cinnamon, star anise and nutmeg – that gives the drink an exotic flavor but the main reason for its inimitable flavor and fragrance is honey. The uzvar can be drunk both hot and cooled but it is traditionally served cool.


Kissel is another original Ukrainian drink that is highly valued for its perfect taste, excellent aroma and useful properties and has been around since the Kievan Rus era.
Kissel is made mostly from fresh or dries berries and fruits, fruit-and-berry juices and syrups with potato or corn starch.  The starch makes kissel very nourishing with the fruits and berries making Kissel rich in vitamins and a very healthy Ukrainian drink.



Kyselitsa is a common beverage throughout Western Ukraine – dried plums are soaked in water and cooked until the fruits almost dissolve. The drink bears strong resemblance to a dense kissel.


 Compot is made from fresh fruit and can be best described as a watery fruit juice. Compot can be made using only one type of fruit or a mixture of different fruits are used . However on saying that I personally find it both enjoyable and very good for quenching the thirst on a hot summers day in Ukraine. 


Vodka or to give it the correct name Horilka can be generally classified into two types - a clear horilka or a flavored horilka. Flavorings in Vodka ( horilka ) include red pepper, ginger, various fruit flavors, vanilla, chocolate (unsweetened), and cinnamon. Ukrainians also produce a horilka that also includes St John's Wort (a plant)


Beer in UkraineIn general Ukrainian brewers tend to stick to the traditional German beer styles, with some rare exceptions. The main types are: SVITLE (LIGHT)  standard pale lagers, 4-5% alcohol. TEMNE (DARK) Dark lagers (or dunkels), again 4-5% alcohol. MITSNE (STRONG) standard strong pale European lagers, 6-8% alcohol