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Holiday in Ukraine

Ukrainian Food

As I have already stated elsewhere on this site,  Ukrainian food and cuisine is very much a part of the culture in Ukraine, the lifestyle and its customs, so bon appetit and enjoy what is very much a part of Ukraine


DeruniThis simple Ukrainian dish is popular throughout the Country. The deruni (potatoes pancakes) is almost unvaried around Ukraine.  The traditional deruni is normally served as a second course and usually served with sour cream . However , the deruni might be served for breakfast because it is an easy-to-cook dish so it doesn’t require lots of time and it can be cooked even by culinary rookies.

The traditional Ukrainian deruni are made only with potatoes.but depending on the imagination of the individual preparing the deruni, the potatoes can be mixed with anything. For example my wife makes this delicious traditional Ukrainian dish with potatoes mixed with spinach The classical recipe doesn’t contain the filling.

Hutsul Kremzlyky

Hutsul KremzlykyThe kremzlycks is a full-fledged main course, which features meat and garnish. This dish is cooked and served in clay pots or deep ceramic bowls. In general, kremzlycks bear a strong resemblance to deruni but they boast the Carpathian colour.


GolubstiThe golubsti (cabbage rolls) is another traditional Ukrainian dish. It is a cabbage roll stuffed with minced meat and rice, and braised in tomato sauce. With such a combination of products this  Ukrainian dish has an unusual but definitely an enjoyable taste . The Ukrainian golubsti are big with the usual helping consisting of 2-3 pieces. Again every individual decides how to serve this wonderful Ukrainian food but the classic way to serve golubtsi is in tomato sauce complimented with sour cream.


varenikiUkrainian vareniki is often compared to Russian pelmeni or Italian ravioli however the Ukrainian Vareniki's crucial difference from other similar dishes is the dough . Vareniki's filling can be very different: potato, cabbage, potato and meat, potato and salo (pork meat), sweet or salted curd, pumpkin, cherries ,etc..  Vareniki are usually served with sour cream.

Lamb Dushenina

Lamb DusheninaLamb Dushenina is an age-old national Ukrainian dish, that as a matter of fact is meat braised with vegetables, however the vegetables are at the discretion of  the individual who is preparing this traditional ukrainian dish and their selection depends on his or her tastes and preferences. The dish is normally served in a clay pot.

Potato Rolls with Mushrooms


An original vegetable dish and once again normally served with sour cream. The potato rolls or kruchenyky can be filled with braised cabbage or other vegetables instead of mushrooms

Cottage Cheese and Carrot Cakes

It is an original and interesting dish with an unusual combination of ingredients but it works very well!   Once again in my opinion another wonderful example of Ukrainian cuisine . These cakes are served hot complemented with sour cream.