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Holiday in Ukraine

Ukrainian Pastries

Ukraine National Cuisine is very much a part of the culture in Ukraine, the lifestyle , its customs and the people and as such here you will find some traditional Ukrainian pastries and cakes. 

Kiev Cake

Kiev Cake

Kyiv cake or Kiev cake (Ukrainian: торт "Київський") first made in Kiev on December 6, 1956[ by the Karl Marx Confectionery Factory (now a subsidiary of the Roshen corporation) and it soon became popular all over the former USSR.

The cake has become one of the symbols of Kiev city, particularly because of its name and package, depicting the chestnut leaf (the informal coat of arms of Kiev).

The Kyiv cake has two airy layers of meringue with cashew, chocolate glaze, and a buttercream-like filling

Poppy-seed roll

Poppy-seed rollThe most frequent guest on any Ukrainian table is the poppy-seed roll. This Ukrainian pastry has an inimitable aroma and extraordinary taste. Poppy-seed roll is served as a dessert with tea or coffee but you can purchase them almost anywhere in Ukraine.



Povydlyanka is a mouth-watering pie made with jam and semolina. As the Ukrainian soil is very fertile and as such therefore the fruit jams in Ukraine are both plentiful and extremely tasty being homemade. 


Pampushkas are normally served with borsht but they can be consumed instead of bread and they are considered to be part of Ukrainian national cuisine. Pampushkas are small round dough rolls without filling and are richly steeped with garlic sauce, which adds memorable taste and exotic scent to them.They have unusual taste and excellent scent that is impossible to withstand.



Sochniki is a traditional Ukrainian pastry and delicacy, a small cottage cheese patty from sweet short pastry.