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Holiday in Ukraine

Ukrainian Salads

Ukraine is well known for its fertile land and as such the vegetables in Ukraine rank among the best I have tasted which in turn results in some 'tasty Ukrainian salads'. The only problem with Ukrainian salads is they tend to be served in a ' fruit or dessert dish' which means the Ukrainian salads are normally a starter or a side dish for a main dish.

Ukrainian Cucumber and Tomato Salad

Ukrainian Cucumber and Tomato SaladA salad well know to every Ukrainian and indeed one of my favorite Ukrainian salads during the summer.  Fresh sun ripened  tomatoes , cumberber with chopped fresh green onions and a little sunflower oil with seasoning . Perfect for a hot summers day.

Ukrainian Salat Vinaigrette (Beet Salad)



"A delicious Ukrainian beet salad! Another simple salad with the main ingredient being beetroot, a great salad with meat and poultry dishes. Again another salad I really like  It is one of the few salads popular in Ukraine that doesn't contain mayonnaise! Enjoy!"

Salad Mimosa

A layered salad, that is a very frequent guest on every Ukrainian table. The salad’s name comes from the yellow flower mimosa and why the salad’s top is dressed with egg yolk. The main ingredient is fish with other layers being potato and carrot. And yet another salad in Ukraine I enjoy and recommend.



Olivier is a popular salad in Ukraine with the ingredients being various vegetables, eggs, meat and seasoned with mayonnaise. 

Mushroom Lawn

And yet another salad that is a common guest at a  Ukrainian table and it became the indispensable component of the holidays in many families long ago. The good combination of meat and mushroom is responsible for the nutritious properties and magnificent flavor of this Ukrainian salad


Bukovina saladA traditional Ukrainian salad combining vegetables and potatoes with smoked sausages The vegetables add  freshness to the salad, and the sausage and potatoes make it a nutritious meal.