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Holiday in Ukraine

Ukrainian Soups

What is the best traditional food in Ukraine that you know? Is borshch the first Ukrainian traditional food that pops up in your head? If yes , I can believe it because it is the first thing that the majority think of regarding Ukrainian food. There is a expression in Ukraine that says ' no Ukrainian girl will not get married, if she does not know how to prepare borshch.

However there are many wonderful Ukrainian soups and as an Englishman living here , the one thing I can say about the Ukrainian soups is that they are all freshly prepared.

Yes, none of 'a soup out of a can' or 'open a packet and add water' soup.


Tasty and fragrant borshch is the rich ‘mainstay’ of Ukrainian cuisine and as such you will not find a housewife in Ukraine, who can't cook Tasty and fragrant borshch is the rich ‘mainstay’ of Ukrainian cuisine and as such you will not find a housewife in Ukraine, who can't cook Borshch, although it's not the simplest dish at all.

Borshch has many varieties and is cooked differently in different regions of Ukraine. Everything depends on the combination of the vegetables used and they can be very different. However, its main component - beetroot - is used in any kind of borsht without fail. It is beetroot that gives borshch its distinctive red color Freshly cooked borshch has an incomparable scent, and there is no substitute for its rich taste in the world and is regularly served with sour cream

Green Borshch

Green borsht is a very popular soup in Ukraine and is also called the Spring borshct because of abundance of herbs and vegetables used as ingredients. During summer months, this soup is served cooled, but during the winter it is cooked with a meat stock. As Its name suggests the soup has a green colour. 

The main ingredient of the green borsht is sorrel, which gives it a bright green colour. with other herbs such as parsley, dill and bay leaf also added. Traditionally the green borsht is served first seasoned with sour cream and a half of a hard-boiled egg.


UkhaUkha is thin hot fish soup that the Zaporizhian Cossacks used to cook during their campaigns, as they could catch fish in a river and the vegetables were always at hand.  The Ukha is a totally transparent soup and at 'first glance' it looks as if fish has been placed in water and served but it is very delicious. It is worth noting that some Ukrainians when preparing the Ukha will add 50-100 g of vodka to the saucepan when it is slowly cooking 


KulishThe kulish is an age-old Ukrainian dish made of millet, salo, potatoes and onions,and popularized by the Zaporizhian Cossacks however now the Ukrainian housewives have considerably changed the Cossacks original soup by complementing it with mushrooms, meat, haricot beans. 




Another national Ukrainian soup which has an original flavor being made from smoked pork and chopped sauerkraut and beat up with corn grains. Rosivnytsya is more common in Western Ukraine.

Kapustnyak Zaporizhian

KapustnyakKapustnyak is a soup made from sauerkraut that is very popular not only in Ukraine, but in many other countries of the world. It is a very rich, tasty and in addition a very healthy soup . Besides sauerkraut,  pork ( which adds a rich flavor and aroma to the soup ) with various vegetables - potato, onion, carrot, herbs and spices - being used to make this traditional Ukrainian soup which has been around since the days of the Ukrainian Cossacks, . It is then seasoned with butter, flour, sour cream ,garlic and millet. Kapustnyak is regularly served with sour cream sprinkled with herbs.