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Holiday in Ukraine


Verkhovyna a small village situated in the mountain part of the Carpathians is 125 km from Ivano-Frankivsk and 31 km from railway station Vorohta. 

“So why should I go there, there is nothing there at all!”  You are asking yourself, well to begin Its natural landscape is diverse.

Verkhovyna and the region has got something which can’t be found in the whole eastern and western Europe? The grand mountain tops, alpine meadows covered with silken herbage, rapid streams with cold and crystal clear water and silvery cascades, the healing mineral springs (more than 100), evergreen spruce forests with clean air and great variety of berries and mushrooms, comfy Huzul settlements in intermountain basins, architectural and historical monuments, unique natural objects and many other interesting things. Actually, all of these exist in Switzerland, Austria, France and other Alpine countries, but everything is too civilized there. Here, in the wilds of Chornohora Mountain Range you are as one with nature that has been untouched,  an oasis of primitive and unaffected mountain nature which has been preserved and it is probably the only one of its kind in Europe. Around Verkhovyna there are unpolluted and uncultivated alpine and subalpine landscapes in their real natural beauty. It’s no surprise that every year more and more tourists from different countries can be met on the tourist routes of the district. People come from Holland, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Great Britain and other countries.

Holiday in Ukraine is only to happy to arrange any of the following for you in this wonderful oasis of nature called Verkhovyna



Accommodation in country houses      

 Walks and hiking in the mountains     

Mountain climbing

Whitewater rafting  &  equipment rent

Mountain skiing & the teaching of skiing skills

          Recreation near waterfalls        

Automobile excursion's

In Fact Anything You Require

Just Ask

Krasiya, Dolyna, Beskid , Polyana, Synevir, Yaremche,  Kosiv, Yavoriv

The Valley of Daffodils,