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Zaporozhye Zaporizhia,or Zaporozh'ye (Запоріжжя, Запорожье) a city in south-central Ukraine and is built on both banks of the mighty and ancient Dniepr River giving the city a unique and extraordinary atmosphere.

 It is fundamentally an industrial center that also acts as a port and a railway junction but the residential areas are very spacious with plenty of light and greenery. Zaporozhye has its share of normal monuments etc. that are associated with the Soviet 'rule' of the city.

 The city has its restaurants which differ in cost with many being inexpensive so anyone arriving will eat for reasonable money and visit museums, circus, shows, clubs, and theaters.

Zaporozhye three main 'claims' to fame are Lenin Prospect which is now called Cathedral Avenue and the locals claim it to be the longest 'high street' in Europe , going on and on for 18kms (11.6 miles). The huge Hydro power plant and Dam. it is worth travelling to the Dniepr River end of Lenin Prospect to spend some time 'looking' at this marvel of Soviet engineering and the 'giant' locks that allow huge ships to navigate this 'part' of the river.

The Children's railway , a non-formal educational institution, acquainting children with the railway professions. This Railway - one of the youngest in the Ukraine and the second-longest among the former Soviet Union is well worth a visit and a 'ride'.

The Zaporozhye Oak, which is 700 years old, is located in the village of Upper Khortysya and according to legend, it was under this oak that Cossack's wrote the world-famous letter to the Turkish sultan.

But the the pride of the cities citizens is Khortitsa Island, the impregnable Island became one of the centers of Cossack civilization and became a mighty force for the Ukrainian people in the struggle against foreign invaders. The three original Cossack Voiskos (armies) were the Zaporozhians on the Dniepr, the Don Cossack's and the Volga Cossack's.

The Zaporozhians were the first and the only ones that was not controlled by Russia but Poland. at the end of the Russian empire. Cossack's were not organised as the other tribes and people, the Cossack's always settled along rivers and where known by the name of that river. All able male men were made to serve in the army while the womenfolk worked on the fields and cared about the household.

 Today Khortitsa Island is the 'home' of the Cossack museum and is well worth a visit! From this island you also have a wonderful view of the huge hydroelectric dam!

 After a visit to the museum go and see a Cossack show!